“Facing Death- Ward 83” series has won the Gold Award at the 2017 World Media Festival!                                       Ward 83 is a poignant account of the patients and staff working at the palliative ward of Tan Tock Seng Hospital.  Congratulations to the team working behindthis episode and series.

Threesixzero also won 4 Silver medals and 2 Bronze Medals at the 2017 New York Festival.                                     “Death is Our Business”, “Here But Forgotten- Hong Kong”, “Innocence Lost” and “Facing Death” won the world silver medals while “Here But Forgotten- Mongolia” and “Undercover Asia: Surrogate Mother” won the world bronze medals. Congratulations to all involved!

Threesixzero has won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Finalists at 2016 New York Festivals!
Jus Des Idee - 2 x World Gold medals
Undercover Asia: Black Lungs - Silver World medal
Pursuit of Champions - Finalist
Undercover Asia: Web Junkies - 2 x Finalists

We also contributed to the Gold Medal for Best Non-Fiction series won by Channel News Asia.

Death is Our Business
What happens when death occurs? How does one prepare a funeral?
We get up close and personal with the people who make death their business - undertaker Roland Tay, his daughter Jenny Tay and her husband Darren Cheng in a brand new series Death is Our Business premiering 2 April on CH 5.
Threesixzero clinched a total of 4 world Gold Medals
1 World Silver Medal and 1 Finalist certificate at the recent New York Festivals 2015!
Congratulations to all involved!

"Undercover Asia"
Invisible Children has added another accolade- Gold
for Documentary (Society and Social Issues) at the 2015 World Media
Festival. This comes on top of the World Gold Medal (Current Affairs)
at the New York Festival 2015, Best Current Affairs Award at the 2014
Asian TV Awards and finalist status at the ABU-UNICEF Children Rights
Awards as well as the AIB award 2014.

Congratulations to the entire team of Borders for winning this year's Star Awards Best Info-Ed programme! Bravo!

"Creative Heroes - Kenya Hara"

is a winner of CINE's Golden Eagle Award Spring 2014! Congrats to the Creative Heroes team!

"Restaurant Andre"

the video we created for Restaurant Andre is the Gold winner of the 2014 Cannes Corporate and Media TV Award!

We also bagged another Gold and Silver awards for another video "The Creating Process" at the same competition!

"Undercover Asia"
the Invisible Children produced for Channel News Asia is a finalist at the 2014 Asia Pacific Child Rights Awards as well as the prestigious AIB
(Association for the International Broadcasting) Awards!

"Find Me A Singaporean"
will return to the screen this August as we track down Singaporeans in places as far away as Inuvik, a town just 2 degrees above the Arctic Circle!

"Sense of Our Flavours"
is a winner of the World Bronze Medal at the 2014 New York TV Festivals.


a documentary series commissioned by Mediacorp Channel 8 and hosted by Michelle Chia, is the winner of the 2014 Star Awards Best Info-Ed show!

"Find Me A Singaporean season 3"
is the winner of the Best Info-Ed Award at Mediacorp's Star Awards 2013. (May 2013)

Documentary series "Being A Child- Singapore"
won a World Bronze Medal at the 2013 New York Festivals. (April 2013)

Threesixzero bags Best Documentary Series Award at the recent Asian TV Awards
with "Extraordinary Asians: Angel Mums" as well as 2 Highly Commended Awards for "Extraordinary Asians: God of Vision" (Best Documentary Series)
and Let's Talk 2 (Best Talkshow).Congratulations to all team members!

Threesixzero has 4 projects nominated for 2012 Asian TV Awards!

We are pleased to share the news that 4 of our projects are nominated for the 2012 Asian TV Awards.
They are Extraordinary Asians- Angel Mums and Extraordinary Asians – God of Vision under Best Documentary series;
Lets Talk 2 for Best Talkshow and Being A Child- Singapore for Best Editing.

The Promise catches attention!

Our first telemovie – The Promise – garnered the highest ratings among all 3 telemovies screened on Mediacorp Channel U during the Christmas period in December 2009! The 80 minute long telemovie made with the support from Media Development Authority now boasts a fan club with 5000 members (and still counting) on facebook! Plans are now being made to launch the DVD version of the telemovie in the not so distant future.

Lifewatch recipient of Golden Eagle Award Fall 2009!

For the third consecituve year Threesixzero has won CINE’s Golden Eagle Award for its production! Lifewatch, a reality-doc made for Mediacorp Channel 5, takes viewers into the heart of actions and drama as they unfold at the Singapore General Hospital. Given special access to film and document, the series captures some intriguing surgical moments such as the awake craniotomy surgery.

Threesixzero’s First Tele-movie!

Our very first Tele-movie made for Channel U will hit the screen on 27 December 2009. Tentatively titled The Sunflower’s Promise, the Tele-movie tells the coming of age story of a mildly intellectual disabled girl.

"Stars for a Cause" on Facebook

"Stars for a Cause", an infotainment series that takes some well known TV artistes such as A-Bu, Mindee Ong, Michelle Chia, Linda and Taiwanese superstar A-Mei to volunteer expeditions in different parts of Asia, is now on Facebook. You can read and find out more about the show and the ordeal and challenges faced by the artistes.

"Find Me A Singaporean" Book Tops Popular Bookstore’s Most Popular title in July
Find Me A Singapore Book which was launched in July 2009 at all major bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia has been very well received! It made to the top of Popular Bookstore’s more popular title for the month of July! "Find Me A Singaporean" the book is now available at S$15.90 in all major bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia.
"My World My Blog" wins 2 more international awards!
Fresh from landing the Golden Eagle Award (Fall 2008) My World My Blog, a fully dramatized documentary series commissioned by Mediacorp’s CH U and supported by Media Development Authority, won 2 awards at the recent New York Festivals 2009! It clinched the World Gold Medal for Docudrama and a World Silver Medal for Best Direction!

Threesixzero bags 7 nominations for Star Awards 2009!

3 of our series - "Come Dance with Me", "Of Rites and Rituals" and "My World My Blog" are nominated for Best Info-ed programme at this year’s Star Awards organised by Mediacorp TV. Belinda Lee, host for "Come Dance with Me" and "Find Me A Singaporean 2" also got nominated as Best Info-ed Host. Lin Peifen ("So Simple 2") and Chua Lilian ("Food Old Days") were also nominated for the same catgory. The awards will be handed out on 26 April.

"My World My Blog" grabs CINE’s GOLDEN EAGLE AWARD (Fall 2008)!

My World My Blog, a fully dramatized documentary series commissioned by Mediacorp’s CH U, won the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award (Fall 2008)! This is the second time Threesixzero was awarded a Golden Eagle Award- whose past recipients include Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Ken Burns- last year it won for its info-ed series "Youth Decode".
"Brat Camp China" Highly Commended at the 2008 Asian TV Awards!
Brat Camp China, produced for National Geographic Channel, won the Highly Commended award at the 2008 Asian TV Awards. It was short listed as a finalist for Best Documentary award (31mins or more). Threesixzero has 3 other films on the finalist list- including Twilight Years for Best Documentary Award (30 mins or less), Find Me A Singaporean 2 and So Simple 2 for Best Infotainment Award.

Threesixzero Distribution launched!
Threesixzero Distribution Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Threesixzero Productions, has been officially launched! Fresh on its plate are hundreds of hours of Public Service Broadcast projects commissioned by Media Development Authority. These programmes which until now have largely been showcased only on FTA channels in Singapore will now be made available for regional and international audience!

Threesixzero Distribution sold up to 100 hours of PSB titles to Yellow River TV

Threesixzero Distribution has inked a deal with Yellow River TV for up to 100 hours of Chinese info-educational content. These titles include Find Me A Singaporean, Of Rites and Rituals, Come Dance With Me and many more will be shown across Asia-Pacific.

"Find Me A Singaporean" Book to be launched!
The popular info-ed series featuring Belinda Lee will be made into a book. Watch this space for news of its launch early 2009!

"Come Dance with Me" to debut on 10 Oct at 8pm!
Join Belinda Lee, host of Find Me A Singaporean, as she travels to as many as 10 cities this time round, not to meet Singaporeans living there, but to pick up dancing in just 4 days! From Spanish Flamenco to India's Bollywood to Irish Step Dance, "Come Dance with Me" is a refreshing showcase of some of the world's most beautiful, pulsating and energetic dances! In the debut episode Belinda travels to Kyoto to learn traditional Japanese dance from a Maiko!
"Little Big Dreams" going places!
Hot on the trail of the Olympic fever, our award-winning production "Little Big Dreams" has since been telecast on various international channels such as BBC HD, ZDF Germany, HKTVB Hong Kong, Nippon TV Japan, Channel News Asia Singapore, Biography Channel, RUV Iceland, RTE Ireland, KBS Korea, TV2 Denmark as well as SBS Belgium.

"Boxing Behind Bars" debuts on National Geographic Channel

"Boxing Behind Bars" a story of two Thai female drug convicts vying to be the Thailand’s first female boxer to garner a professional World Boxing Title debuted on National Geographic Channel in August. 23-year-old Siriporn, a.k.a. Black Rose who has 2 more years of sentence under her belt, is fighting from behind prison bars for a pardon on her jail sentence-freedom. 29-year-old Nongmai, a.k.a. Ring Genius, had just been released from jail, and she is fighting for freedom from social bars: poverty, inequality and discrimination.
Directed by Ang Aik Heng, "Boxing Behind Bars" traces the duo's path, as they fight their way, round after round, to gain redemption and recognition.

"Brat Camp China" selected for SXSW 2008
"Brat Camp China" was selected for screening at the "South By Southwest Festival 2008", as part of its Global Doc Days: China schedule. "Brat Camp China" was screened on the first day of the film festival. The SXSW Film Festival screens about 150 - 200 of the best independent films produced during the previous year as well as works from established directors who have inspired the latest generation of filmmakers.

"Brat Camp China" was directed by Ang Aik Heng and debuted on National Geographic Channel in December 2007.

"Little Big Dreams" bags Gold at 2008 New York Festivals!
Our full length HD documentary Little Big Dreams, a co-production with MDA, has won the Gold Medal Award for Best Direction at the New York Festivals International TV Broadcasting Awards.
Directed by Tay Siang Hui, this documentary tracks the journeys of 4 kids as they battle through the rigorous demands of the world famous gymnastic school in China, aiming for an Olympic dream.
The New York Festivals International Television Broadcasting Awards recognize "The World's Best Work" in news, documentary, information and entertainment programming as well as in music videos, infomercials, promotion spots, openings and ID's.
Our other programme, "Youth Decode" which just won the CINE Golden Eagle Award, is also a finalist for the New York Festival (Best Young Adult programme).

"Find Me A Singaporean" won Mediacorp's Star Awards 2007 Best Infotainment Programme!
"Find Me A Singaporean!" produced by Threesixzero for Mediacorp's Channel U has won the Best Info-educational Programmes in this year's Star Awards. The show beat four other nominees, including our very own Design Asia, to the honour. The show took host Berlinda Lee to faraway destinations like Peru, Kenya and Iceland to meet some Singaporeans who have chosen to work, live and settle in these places. Watch out for more Singaporeans uncovered in these exotic destinations once again as season 2 of "Find Me A Singaporean!" comes back early 2008!

"Youth Decode" winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Awards (Fall 2007)
Youth Decode, a series funded by MDA and telecast on Mediacor Ch U, is a winner of the CINE Golden Eagle Awards (Fall 2007)! This documentary series compares and contrasts the aspirations, passions and paradigms held by youths from Singapore and other parts of Asia. Through first-party narration and edgy editing style, the programme interweaves between the two characters in a day or a week of their lives.
Renowned for the Golden Eagles it awards for excellence in documentary and other informational film and video production, CINE will celebrate its first half-century in 2007. Past winners include Steven Spielberg, Ken Burns, Robert Altman and Spike Lee.

Threesixzero Productions to launch HD Documentary "Little Big Dreams" at MIPCOM 2008
More than 100 children, aged between three and nine years have come from all over China to the infamous Li Xiaoshuang Gymnastic School situated in Xiantao Town, otherwise known as the home town of Chinese gymnastics. This little town has seen the rise of four Olympic gymnastic champions, a first, ever, in the history of the Olympic Games.

Despite their tender age, the huge prize money, together with the fame and recognition that comes with being an Olympic superstar have spurred these young medal hopefuls to endure the most rigorous training of sorts for a minimum of five years. Every year, the children look forward to an annual competition – a platform for them to be selected by the national gymnastic squad to further their training - a step that brings them nearer to their Olympic dream.
Little Big Dreams, a full HD documentary is a co-production between Threesixzero Producitons and Media Development Authority of Singapore. It will be distributed by ID Distribution. For programme details please contact:
Sally Miles iD Distribution Ltd
25-27 Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1D 7EQ
DD + 44 207 220 2402
T + 44 207 220 2400
F + 44 207 220 2401

Stripe on 69 th Threesixzero's maiden animation project, was a finalist at the prestigious Cartoons by the Bay's Pucinella Awards.
Created by Mian Han, this animation pilot also made its way into the NATPE finalist awards 2006.

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